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Question #1

Is this simply an audio version of The "Burn the Fat" ebook, because I already bought Tom venutoís burn the fat ebook.

Answer #1

No. This is a completely new set of audio interviews recorded live on a teleseminar (telephone seminar) in 2005 and recently edited to fit perfectly into 4 one-hour MP3 audios (you can burn them onto 4 CDs if you like)

Of course some of the information will overlap because Tomís teachings are consistent throughout all his materials Ė books, articles, newsletters, seminars, etc - but these MP3s are not simply an audio version of "Burn The Fat."

Please do note that because this was a teleseminar recorded live on a conference call line, the recordings are not "in the studio" quality, but the great information more than makes up for the telephone-line audio quality.

Question #2

Why should I buy more fitness information, especially if I have already bought Tom Venutoís Burn The fat ebook(s)?

Answer #2

If you have Tomís Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle e-book, then the fact is you donít need to buy anything else. With the Burn The Fat ebook you have outstanding information in your hands that tens of thousands of men and women in more than 134 countries have used to completely transform their bodies and lives. It is the "bible of fat loss."

On the other hand, one of the hardest things in maintaining any type of fitness regime is consistency, and very often many people want and need regular coaching, motivation and continuing education to help stay "on track".

This audio series provides outstanding motivation and coaching delivered straight from Tom personally. In fact, in the first audio, Tom spends the entire hour teaching you how to build unstoppable motivation, develop a success mindset and overcome self-sabotage.

You can also look at it this way... if you really want to learn or master anything, then continued education is essential, not an option.

If you donít have Tomís Burn The Fat program yet, and you like audios (MP3), then this Body of Your Dreams program is a great place to start because it focuses so much on fundamentals and on simplifying complex nutrition and training topics. Tomís Burn The Fat ebook, on the other hand, is extremely detailed and process oriented.

Question #3

I don't understand the format of the offer, is this an ebook?

Answer #3

No, it's not an ebook, this is a 4 part audio teleseminar which is in MP3 format, this means you can download the audio files and listen to them on your computer or "burn" them to a CD and listen to them offline. (you will need a high speed internet connection though. The downloads would take a long, long time with dial up.)

Many people are very auditory in nature and prefer listening rather than reading.

If you do like to read, you also receive the "transcripts" of all 4 audio interviews, which means you can read everything as well as listen to it. It is generally accepted that the more senses you use to "absorb" anything the more you learn and retain.

With the MP3's and the PDF transcripts you learn via both auditory and visual senses... so you absorb more information. It's a great way to learn!

UPDATE: : Great news! We just added an ebook to the Body Of Your Dreams package, called appropriately, ďThe Body Of Your Dreams E-book.Ē Itís 130 pages and it is a well edited, and professionally designed e-book version of the seminar transcripts. So you get BOTH Ė an ebook, the unedited transcripts, and the 4 hours of audio on MP3! Itís a great package!

Question #4

The website home page talks about goal setting and mindset. Are these things really necessary vital to lose fat? I always thought this stuff was kind of hokey.

Answer #4

Thereís nothing hokey about getting the body of your dreams because you harnessed the powerful force of your mind. World class athletes do it. Superstars do it. Business leaders do it.

Setting goals and developing a powerful mindset is not only necessary, itís literally THE difference between success and failure

Motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn once said, ďSuccess is setting goals, everything else is just commentary,Ē Earl Nightingale once said ďsuccessful people succeed because they know where they are going, itís as simple as that.Ē

I agree completely. The success rate of the people who set goals according to the goal setting formula youíll learn in these audios literally skyrockets your success rate. 95-97% of people do not have written goals and they fail. 3-5% of people have written goals and they succeed. These are proven facts.

You may have heard about the importance of goals before, or maybe you even read chapter 1 in Tomís Burn The fat ebook, but this new audio seminar covers information about self image psychology and self sabotage that Tom has never taught before, not even in his burn the fat ebook.

This audio MP3 seminar goes a little deeper into the subconscious success or failure mechanism that is built into every one of us. The reason the majority of people fail at reaching their body and fitness goals is because they have not learned how to control their own behaviors using the power of their subconscious minds.

Emotional eating, self sabotage, lapses in "willpower" lack of consistency and simply not being able to stick with a diet or exercise program all have nothing to do with nutrition or exercise knowledge - they are ALL related to faulty subconscious programming.

Until you learn how to reprogram your own mind for success, these problems will continue. With the tools you learn in this audio MP3 program, you can finally take control.

Question #5

I'm pretty knowledgeable. Iíve been training and studying nutrition for years, will I really learn anything new? Is there anything "cutting edge"

Answer #5

If youíre a sophisticated dieter, an advanced competitive bodybuilder or fitness model with years of experienceÖ

Or, if you're already as lean or muscular as you want to be and you're simply looking for cutting edge tips that might add an extra percent or two to your results, then you probably donít need these MP3 audios.

This program is ideal for beginners and intermediates. It is ideal for anyone who is confused about nutrition and training methods that seem too scientific or overly complex. It is also a great program for advanced people who simply want to review and hear Tom venuto speaking live about his fat loss and muscle building techniques in an audio format.

Because Tom is a bodybuilder, in the future he has plans on developing a series of highly advanced bodybuilding, training and contest-dieting programs for the advanced and sophisticated dieter, athlete or bodybuilder. If you're highly advanced and knowledgeable already, you may want to wait for those instead or contact us for a recommendation on a different course that suits your needs.

I hope these question's have helped understand a little more about exactly what this MP3 audio series covers, but if you have any questions that were not covered, please feel free to contact us here:

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